Tucker Carlson's “Bigot” That “Nobody Wants To Be Seen With” Works At Fox News

Daily Caller editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson wrote a column on Thursday complaining that Rush Limbaugh's sexist and misogynistic comments about Sandra Fluke were being treated as if they are “a sin worse than murder.” Carlson senses a double standard and contrasts the treatment of boxing promoter Don King, who served time in prison for manslaughter but “went on to become rich and iconic,” with Mark Fuhrman:

Nobody, by contrast, likes Mark Furhman, the notorious cop in the O.J. Simpson trial. Furhman never murdered anyone. He did something far worse: He used foul language. In a tape-recorded interview, Fuhrman once uttered racial slurs.

Where is Mark Fuhrman these days? For a while, he was hosting a radio show on an AM station in Spokane. It's not clear what he's doing now. He certainly isn't headlining presidential fundraisers. People would break for the exits if he showed up. Nobody wants to be seen with a bigot.

I don't either. I'd rather have dinner with Don King than with Mark Furhman. But then, I'm American. I have no perspective.

Based on Carlson's writing you would think Fuhrman had disappeared into obscurity. That's not the case. Fuhrman is actually employed as a “forensic and crime scene expert for FOX News Channel.”

Carlson should know this, especially since his Daily Caller bio explains that he is “currently a contributor to FOX News.” Carlson's claim about Fuhrman, that “nobody wants to be seen with a bigot,” does not appear to apply to their mutual employer.

As Carlson notes, Fuhrman is infamous due to the revelation during the O.J. Simpson trial that while a member of the LAPD he had frequently used racial epithets to refer to African Americans.This has not kept Fox from inviting him to discuss racial issues on-air. In one appearance Fuhrman defended a group of white officers who were videotaped beating an African American man, while in another he discussed “people” he “dealt with” who would “kill somebody and go have some chicken at KFC.”

Despite Carlson's claims, Fox appears to have embraced a “bigot” like Fuhrman without reservation. Maybe they could talk about it the next time they see each other in the hallway at Fox.