Tucker Carlson's advertisers say they support Black Lives Matter

Update 6/10/20: T-Mobile, Smile Direct ClubDisney, and Papa Johns confirmed that they will no longer advertise on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show. We've removed their contact information for from this post.

In a June 5 monologue on his Fox News prime-time show, host Tucker Carlson said it was “soulless” and “craven” to support Black Lives Matter, then scrolled through an on-screen list of celebrities who have pledged money to civil rights organizations.

However, many of Carlson's own advertisers - including Disney, Smile Direct Club, T-Mobile and Papa John’s - have also taken to social media and aligned themselves with the movement. If these displays of support are to be taken seriously, these companies must stop advertising on Tucker Carlson's show.

Correction: The original version of this article incorrectly identified Johnson & Johnson as an advertiser on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Although Johnson & Johnson is a Fox News advertiser, the product that appeared during Tucker’s show was actually sold off by Johnson & Johnson.

The company does not advertise on Carlson’s show, saying to Media Matters: “Johnson & Johnson does not advertise on Tucker Carlson, and has not for several years. The show does not align with our Company values.”

Media Matters regrets the error. This post and the accompanying video have been revised accordingly.