Tucker Carlson: “Western Cities Got Dangerous When They Imported Radical Religious Ideologies”

Carlson: “Most Muslims Are Good People...But Over Time It's A Numbers Game.”

From March 22 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): But perhaps we shouldn't be surprised at all. Just six months ago London's new mayor Sadiq Khan said that terror attacks are, quote, “part and parcel of living in a big city.” In other words, it's just part of the deal. You can't have opera, SoulCycle, and the Sunday brunch without the omnipresent risk of being crushed, beheaded or blown up in the name of Allah. It's just baked into urban life. But is it actually? If you're over 35, you may remember a time when terrorism wasn't inevitable in big cities. It wasn't always this way, we made it this way, or rather the people in charge did. How did they do that? Through reckless immigration policies that pretty much none of us were asked to endorse much less vote on, some of us didn't even know they were happening. Western cities got dangerous when they imported radical religious ideologies from other countries. Nobody in government wants to admit that because it reflects poorly on them but it's true, and increasingly voters know it's true. Despite the official ban on saying it's true.

In heavily Islamic areas, terror is depressingly common. Elsewhere it's vanishingly rare. The data prove that you can look it up. Most Muslims are great people of course, and good citizens, but over time it is a numbers game. A poll last year found that 23 percent of British Muslims supported Sharia, 4 percent openly sympathized with suicide bombers. That's the reason terror in London is inevitable, not the inherently evil nature of cities. It may be too late to stop any of this, but at least let's stop lying about it.


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