Tucker Carlson: “Trump Is The Embodiment” Of Those With “Legitimate” Anti-Immigration Concerns Who Are Labeled As “Racist[s]” And “Nativist[s]”

From the October 21 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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TUCKER CARLSON: It's not just that [establishment Republicans] are on the other side of most of their voters. It's that they have not allowed an actual debate to take place for over a decade on [immigration or trade]. So they -- it's not just that they've, like, won the debate or had a more well-financed argument. It's that they have actually squelched the legitimate concerns of a lot of their voters. So if you stand up and, you know, you call in and say, hey, it's Bob from Youngstown and I -- I'm not a bigot, I like immigrants, but isn't this part of the reason my wages haven't moved in 30 years? Like, supply and demand. Like, I'm not an economist, but I have a good sense if you flood the market with cheap labor, maybe that's not good for me. You raise a legitimate question like that and the response is not well, okay, let's debate it. It's, hey Bob, you're a bigot, shut up. Go away nativist. Go away racist. We don't want to hear that. And whenever you tamp down legitimate concerns -- whether you agree with them or not -- but if you don't allow them to be aired, they will pop up in some other place. They don't go away, they're not resolved. They linger, they fester. And Trump is the embodiment of those frustrations. Of course it's all understandable. And, by the way, to the people in the establishment who look at Trump and are appalled and go this is the end, this is a sign of the apocalypse, you should count yourself lucky that Donald Trump is all you got after all these years of telling people that their concerns were not worthy of talking about. You should be lucky that George Wallace is -- you know what I mean, or whatever the modern equivalent -- I mean, Trump is actually way more reasonable and moderate than the guy you might have gotten because of what you did. It's their fault, 100 percent. That's my read on it, anyway.


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