Tucker Carlson: Striving for diversity “is what gets you to civil war”

From the September 18 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): She's saying I want people of one specific color to win. That is the opposite of diversity. And it also suggests that a person's color is the most important thing about that person. I just don't believe that and I hope nobody else does because it's wrong. 

WENDY OSEFO: Our country wasn't founded on that. What matters is not your color, what matters is us coming together. Again, not being in her head, but just seeing her art form time and time again she is a diverse thinker and she was basically trying to say, “it will be great if we escape from the norm and we have individuals who represent all walks of life walking across that stage.”

CARLSON: She only mentioned one group. I just think it's divisive habit of thought. 

OSEFO: Well it's beautiful that the first Muslim and the first South Asian actually won an award for acting yesterday and that is the diversity we need in this country.

CARLSON: I think looking at the world like that gets you to civil war actually. I think you should look at people first as individuals. What did this person do? What does he believe? 


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