Tucker Carlson: Social distancing “doesn't seem to have” stopped the spread of coronavirus “at all”

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Citation From the April 29, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

JOHN LEE: The question is, should we be taking the livelihoods and affecting the lives and education and well-being of the large majority of the population, who really aren't going to be affected much by this disease, in order -- in theory -- to maybe protect some people who are going to be affected by this disease? Seems to me that the Swedish model of carrying on reasonably normally but with some social responsibility in trying to isolate ourselves from this virus is a sensible model.

The thing is, there's no science of lockdown. This sort of totalitarian response to a virus has never been tried before, and fundamentally, although you can make -- you can make arm-waving suggestions that doing a lockdown might be slowing the spread, you can make equally valid arm-waving suggestions that it isn't slowing the spread at all. I mean, every time you breathe out when you've got this virus asymptomatically, you breathe out 10 million virus particles. These spread on the wind. Do we really think that keeping two meters apart from other people is going to stop the -- to stop the spread?

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): It doesn't seem to have done that so far, at all.