Tucker Carlson says the coronavirus death rate is not “devastating”

Carlson: “In New York, that rate went from 7.4% which is devastating to .5% which is not”

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Citation From the April 28, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So on last night's show, and on many shows before that, we did our best to walk you through the latest numbers on how widely the coronavirus is spreading in this country. We told you what researchers are finding in state after state. As more Americans get tested for this disease we learned that a far higher percentage of the population has been infected with it than we thought. This new knowledge has radically changed our understanding of how deadly the coronavirus is. 

For example health officials once estimated that a little over 1.5% of residents of New York state have been it infected with the virus. Broader antibody testing revealed a number many, many times higher than that. In fact, close to 15% have been infected. By definition, these new facts changed the death rate. In New York, that rate went from 7.4%, which is devastating to .5% which is not. This new science is welcome news.  Every elected official in America should be celebrating it, but many are not. Some deeply resent hearing anything about this.