Tucker Carlson says the United States has “no option but total war with Russia”

Carlson: “There is no off-ramp now. There is no way out”

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Citation From the October 3, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Last Tuesday, the largest act of industrial terrorism in our lifetime was “a baffling crime," said Tony Blinken. But by Friday, that same event had become “a tremendous opportunity." In fact, “a tremendous strategic opportunity for the years to come." It's a good thing.

Now, that's an admission. That's the clearest admission we're ever going to get. No one could miss it, least of all the Russians. The Biden administration is responsible, either directly or through proxies, for the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines and the environmental catastrophe and the economic collapse that will certainly follow. That is true. It's done. So the question is, where does that leave us? And that's the problem.

This act leaves us, the United States, with no option but total war with Russia. There is no off-ramp now. There is no way out. We are all-in, no matter what that means, no matter where it goes. Are you shocked by this? Was there a vote on this? Did someone ask your opinion? No, but it's been happening for months in slow motion. It's been hidden from public view by the near-total blackout imposed by American media outlets.