Tucker Carlson says “Tom Cruise was right” about antidepressants and psychology

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Citation From the July 12, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Today

ALEX STEIN (GUEST): And then when I see this, so it makes me bring up such a good point. It makes me think of Bill Maher, and obviously his political leanings are terrible, but he said such a good point in his monologue the other day. He said, if you look at the amount of kids that have been transitioned or are on hormone blockers in Los Angeles compared to Ohio it’s like ten thousand percent more. Because when you have a trans kid it’s a lot like having a vegan cat, it’s the owner making that decision. It’s not a natural thing. I mean so that’s what, that’s the problem though Tucker, is we have this unnatural society where when I was a kid it was called being a tomboy and I think that’s the same when you were a kid, but now if a kid is even masculine or feminine a little bit, these people want to put them on hormone blockers that are irreversible. So, for me it’s like the mockery, like once again this is the perfect example. They're mocking us and our poor children are the ones that are going to be the victim of it the most. 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): And put them on drugs. I mean there is a huge emphasis on utilizing pharma and pharma is like the one thing that connects a lot of these stories. Why is that, do you think? 

STEIN: Well, I mean Tucker it’s obvious. You see any doctor can prescribe you an antidepressant and this is the thing, for a person that is suicidal or depressed to give them a drug that makes them more suicidal and arguably more depressed seems very counterintuitive yet they give it to them like crazy, like, oh –

CARLSON: So if those drugs worked wouldn’t the suicide rate be plummeting.

STEIN: Well it’s extremely, it’s skyrocketing so.

CARLSON: So what does that, so I mean serious question, I know you’re not a physician, I’m certainly not, but, like, when Prozac came out, all the SSRIs, they were telling us oh this is the end of mental illness and neurosis and anxiety and yet all of those things have become far more prevalent than they were thirty years ago. But they’re continuing to double down on this let's drug America strategy? I’m becoming Scientologist watching this.

STEIN: I know, Tom Cruise, L. Ron Hubbard –

CARLSON: He was right.

STEIN: Tom, you were right.