Tucker Carlson says there are “reasons to doubt” the 2020 vote total and that Joe Biden will send law enforcement after anyone who questions the results

Carlson: “Any American who disapproves of Joe Biden's performance is a terrorist”

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Citation From the September 12, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): The threat within? What does that mean? What the hell are you talking about you freaking lunatic? There's no group of Americans anywhere in the United States half as dangerous as the 9/11 hijackers. To suggest otherwise is literally insane. Drawing a parallel between the election injustice protests of January 6th and the fall of the Twin Towers? True lunacy.

But Kamala Harris didn't even pause, almost like the whole question was a set up. She just nodded. This unspecified internal threat, she confirmed, is in fact just like Al-Qaeda -- "very dangerous and very harmful." You may be wondering at this point, "What is this threat?" Since we've just declared a new war on terror, but against whom? Who is this threat? Well of course, it's you and anyone else in the way of the Biden administration. 

And especially, as the Vice President just said, and you saw it, anyone who questions the legitimacy of the last election.


So again, that's the sitting Vice President who they tell us over and over, and you just heard her say it, received more votes than any Vice President in history.  And if you don't believe that -- and there are reasons not to believe that -- if you don't believe that, you're like Muhammad Atta. Your beliefs are acts of terror, you're comparable to a mass murderer and you need to be pursued by law enforcement. 

They're saying that. She just said the greatest threat to our country is that Republicans might be elected to statewide office in 11 states. That's comparable to 9/11. Is no one noticing this? The Biden administration's message --and of course, as it always is, completely consistent across the board -- on 9/11, on the anniversary of 9/11, was that any American who disapproves of Joe Biden's performance is a terrorist.