Tucker Carlson says nobody can have faith in the justice system after Derek Chauvin found guilty of murder

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Citation From the April 20, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): I'm concerned -- quite apart from the details of this case, which I'm probably not that qualified to weigh in on, to be honest. But I'm concerned about the way that this case, the verdict, will affect how the whole country feels about its justice system, which has got to be considered the bedrock of the whole society. And it seems like nobody has more faith in the system after this, on either side. 

JD VANCE (GUEST): Yeah, that's exactly right, Tucker. If you look at the way that the president, the vice president, various media figures -- pretty much everybody -- Maxine Waters, of course, talked about this case, they spoke about it as if it was prejudged, as if there was only one right outcome. And everybody knows who has basic common sense, that if you're a juror watching this media coverage, which of course the jurors were able to see the local news coverage, that they would feel pressured to come out in a certain way.

And so, what this shows a lot of people, unfortunately, is that if you are on the wrong side of the leading public opinion, they can come after you in a really hard way. They can pressure even jurors in a court of law. And whatever you think of the Derek Chauvin verdict, the outcome, like you said, cast a pall over the entire justice system.