Tucker Carlson says Lindsey Graham being booed represents the Democrats' “revolution ... against the working class”

From the October 3 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): What's so interesting is that, you see a lot of revolutions and you read about them, they're almost always waged on behalf of the working class. Have you ever see a revolution like this one waged against the working class? 

LOU DOBBS (GUEST): You know, I haven't. I haven't even read such a revolution. And these people are not revolutionaries. They're far too orthodox. They're far too mediocre and their own imaginings. And frankly, they can't escape themselves and their base, crass and yes, vulgar obsessions. These are people completely consumed by grievance, by identity and group, to the point that they have lost any sense of individual responsibility, or individual rights. They're authoritarian to the point of being not Socialists, Communists. They want to be Marxist, they want to be Fascist, and by the way, their desires are coming true. What they are doing is ignoring truth, ignoring values, ignoring any sort of fidelity to decency, and what they have become is, frankly, unspeakably ugly, and awful, and threatening to the very republic.  


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