Tucker Carlson says John Fetterman’s stroke has left him “incapable of representing Pennsylvania”

Carlson: “It is a fact”

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Citation From the September 7, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So, you're not allowed to ask, "Well, how will this affect me if that guy, who can't think clearly, is selected to the United States Senate?" That's impolite. They do this on so many issues and they're doing it with him and it works. Most people just shut up. It's considered completely out of bounds to mention the fact that John Fetterman is completely incapable of representing Pennsylvania in the United States Senate.

And as we said, that fact and it is a fact, is fine with the people who run the Democratic Party. They just want the power. But the rest of us should be very worried by this. If they can get this guy elected statewide in this nation's fifth largest state -- this guy, an incompetent husk with incredibly stupid and totally, provably destructive ideas, a man with no record of achievement at all, a man with a long list of documented failures, a man who, by the way, cannot even think clearly -- if they can do that, they can do literally anything. Anything.