Tucker Carlson says it’s “shocking” that “people put up” with “endless attacks on the whites”

Carlson: “To attack any group as a group is by definition, like, a Nazi move”

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Citation From the April 3, 2023, edition of The Adam Carolla Show, streamed on YouTube

ADAM CAROLLA (HOST): I feel that when politicians explain that we're living in a racist society and try to convince Black people that white people don't want them in their society and as Joe Biden said recently, a lot of people would like to bring lynching back, and that kind of stuff, I believe that is a crime as well. 

TUCKER CARLSON (GUEST): Of course it is.

CAROLLA: I think you're destroying people.

CARLSON: Of course.

CAROLLA: You’re destroying whole swaths of this society and making a group feel like they're unwanted in this society and talking about white supremacy – 

CARLSON: Well, both groups. Both groups unwanted.

CAROLLA: Yeah. Well, both groups. Yeah.


CAROLLA: It's an insane message in 2023 to peddle to the American people, and it’s so irresponsible, but it's mostly gross.

CARLSON: Well I mean, the whole thing, everything about it is shocking to me, including the fact that people put up with it. The endless attacks on the whites, and I'm not defending white – plenty of them, in fact, most of the people who annoy me are white, okay – but to attack any group as a group is by definition, like, a Nazi move. Like, what? Where – what?

I can hardly believe it as someone who was born in 1969 and grew up kind of faithfully believing in Dr. Seuss and the core lessons of the Civil Rights Movement that we’re allowing our leaders to attack an entire group of people based on their genetics? Like, isn't that the one lesson we learned from Jim Crow and the Second World War is that shouldn't be allowed, and yet it’s the defining fact of American politics – white people are bad. And you sort of wonder, like, why does no one stand up and say, how dare you talk about people on the basis of their race, like – how dare you? But everyone’s too – you're a white supremacist, what? No.