Tucker Carlson says it’s “disgusting and cruel” to call out racism, blames identity politics for spread of coronavirus

Carlson: Calling out racism is “disgusting and cruel and divisive and now we know it can get people killed”

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Citation From the March 26, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Future generations though are going to watch that video with their jaws open in disbelief. How could someone charged with protecting public health so recklessly endanger it? They'll watch this performance from state senator John Liu, too. Liu suggested that people who might be concerned in any way about contracting a deadly disease, or might be interested in where it came from, must be, and you guessed it, bigots.


In other words, as a member of a protected interest group, I'm ordering you to ignore this threat to your family on moral grounds. Go to the parade. or else -- that's what Liu was saying. Let's hope that in the wake of this disaster after John Liu has lost his job and we can all think clearly again, people will stop talking this way in public for good.

It was always the most brutal form of social control masquerading as sensitivity and caring. Now we know it was infecting the public with disease, but at the time, sentiments like this were universal among big-city public officials.


If you don't go to a crowded public place immediately, you're a racist. Look at those people telling you that, demanding that you do that. Hectoring you, badgering you, exerting moral blackmail on you to expose yourself. 

By early March, coronavirus was clearly becoming a major problem in the United States, but for elected officials in New York the only problem was their constituents racist worries about staying alive. 


This pandemic is too horrible, too many people are getting hurt. Nobody really liked identity politics anyway, all it did was help mediocrities like Bill de Blasio get elected to office, but it was disgusting and cruel and divisive and now we know it can get people killed. Maybe we can stop.