Tucker Carlson says Democrats “see gang members as a critical constituency”

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Citation From the September 17 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): How could anybody possibly be for a red flag law that doesn't apply to gang members?

REP. KEN BUCK: Well, for one thing, I think the Democrats are trying to disarm rural America, and the second thing, I think that they aren't serious about gun violence.

If they were serious, they would target these particular individuals and, third, they don't trust law enforcement to create a gang database that is fair, and their -- their, really, hatred for law enforcement is evident in voting down this amendment. 

CARLSON: But they trust law enforcement to go to the homes of law-abiding citizen and seize their firearms. 

BUCK: Absolutely, and, in fact, we haven't heard anything about no-knock warrants. We haven't heard anything about the process that law enforcement can use to take law-abiding citizen' weapons away from them, but that's exactly what the Democrats want to do. 

And they will be pitting honest citizens against law enforcement and law enforcement, in many instances, my home county, they don't want to enforce these laws. 

CARLSON: But they -- they really got their hackles up when you suggested this would apply to gang members. It's almost as if they see gang members as a critical constituency.