Tucker Carlson says Democrats are “promoting human sacrifice”

Carlson: “That's what this is, promoting human sacrifice. Let’s stop lying about it, it’s very obvious”"

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Citation From the February 8, 2023, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Congressional Democrats, by contrast, are ghouls, Take a look at this pin, which has replaced the American flag on their lapels. Notice that the "O" in abortion is in the shape of a heart. They literally love abortion. Now, let's set aside the politics and ask an honest question, "Who loves abortion?" Honestly, who loves abortion?

Maybe you think abortion should be legal, but do you love abortion? Do you think abortion is a wonderful, affirming act you feel so proud of you brag about it with jewelry? If you feel that way you should know that you are not defending a medical procedure, you wouldn't say that about an appendectomy -- no. You are promoting an ancient religious right called human sacrifice. That's what this is, promoting human sacrifice. Let's stop lying about it, it's very obvious now.