Tucker Carlson says calling out white nationalism is a racist attack on white people and “exactly how you destroy a country”

Carlson: "Attacking people for their race is exactly how you destroy a country. That’s what Democrats are doing”

From the April 10 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Nobody likes racists, nobody wants to be called a racist, the left knows that, so they use the word as a cudgel to beat their political opponents into submission and have their way.

They have done this so often and for so many years that over time with the word “racist” has lost a lot of power. It is dulled from overuse. The left needs a new attack line, a new way to make you shut up and obey. Now, they found one, Watch former Georgia politician Stacey Abrams deploy it against White House advisor Stephen Miller.


White nationalism -- let's be literal for a minute, what is that, exactly? Abrams did not say, she does not have to say. The phrase hits you in the gut, not the head. It evokes images from a nightmare -- detention camps, deportation trains, mass killing. It is terrifying. You would rather be called a cannibal then a white nationalist, and of course, that is exactly the point. That's why they say it.


You could live your entire life here without running into a white nationalist. No matter what they tell you, this is a remarkably kind and decent country.


Attacking people for their race is exactly how you destroy a country. That's what Democrats are doing. They know that they are doing it, it's obvious they just don't care.


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