Tucker Carlson says the “abrupt change” we’re seeing in America is reminiscent of how “Germany got Hitler”

Carlson: “What will the consequences of that change, of that revolution be? In your bones, you know the answer. It’s terrifying, and it does not have to happen”

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Citation From the April 15, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST):  If you are over 40, you may have trouble recognizing your own country. It's just too unfamiliar. Now, the self-righteous children on social media don't care to notice this, and when they do, they dismiss it, any complaints about change, as bigotry. 

But it's not bigotry. It's human nature. Abrupt change causes social chaos, always. Human beings developed customs and habits and generational expectations for a reason. It's not random. Continuity is comforting to people. 

If you eliminate familiar things overnight, societies fracture, populations tend to explode. We've seen that happen. The last Industrial Revolution, in the end, provoked armed revolutions. Hundreds of millions of people died. Germany got Hitler, Eastern Europe got Stalinism, yes we did wind up with antibiotics in the end, you can thank technology for that and we do, but we also got genocide and atomic bombs. 

There's a lesson here, if you're going to change things, go slowly. Choose the incremental over the immediate, explain yourself as you do it. Reassure people. Acknowledge the reality of evolutionary biology. It is real. Human beings are not born to be machine components. You can't just bang out improved versions of your citizens on a 3D printer.


They are changing everything, whether we like it or not. A new language, new values, new biology, new curricula, new social mores and hiring standards and body types. A brand-new national population. And then, because that is still not enough change, a whole new system of government. All of that in three months. 

What will the consequences of that change, of that revolution be? In your bones, you know the answer. It's terrifying, and it does not have to happen.