Tucker Carlson responds to attack on Paul Pelosi by defending violent rhetoric and conspiracy theories

Carlson: “There's no such thing as hate speech”

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Citation From the October 31, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So, what they're really arguing is in the wake of this attack -- which is awful against someone who did not deserve it, and we want to be clear about that -- Paul Pelosi really is a nice guy. Hard to believe, but he is. But in the wake of that, they're telling you unfortunately you can no longer have free speech. No you can't.

They're telling you this is an example of stochastic terrorism, which is a completely meaningless phrase that emerged like a virus out of the university to infect our public discourse, or more precisely, to suppress our public discourse. 


Okay. What is hate speech by the way? All of a sudden, everyone in the media has, sort of without explaining why, agreed that there's this thing called hate speech that's real, and probably actionable. They can find a billion dollars judgment against you if you commit hate speech. But just to remind everyone watching, there's no such thing as hate speech. Hate speech is speech people hate, usually the people in power. The truth is, all speech, except speech that encourages people to eminent illegal action, like, "Go shoot that guy." Short of that, there's no hate speech. All of it's allowed under the United States Constitution, which is our final hope.