Tucker Carlson praises the Taliban’s rejection of “American-imposed gender quotas”

Carlson: “Almost nobody in Afghanistan liked any of this, by the way, and why would they?”

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Citation From the August 16, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): American-funded gender advisers demanded that women compromise at least 10% of the Afghan national army and a still larger proportion of that country's political leadership.

Thanks to American-imposed gender quotas, dozens of women ultimately were installed as representatives in Afghan's parliament. How did that work? Well, the whole thing was a sham, as always. In fact, many of these new female legislators had never been to the provinces they claim to represent. 

Almost nobody in Afghanistan liked any of this, by the way, and why would they? As one USAID official conceded in a classified report, quote, “Focusing on gender made things more unstable because it caused revolts." It caused revolts. But officials kept doing it. They kept pushing radical gender politics anyway, because they could, because they were in charge of these Stone Age people they were going to educate.

This is the face of the late American empire, gender studies seminars at gunpoint. This is not like other empires. Unlike other empires, ours does not operate for our benefit. America toppled Saddam, but took no oil, remember that?