Tucker Carlson: National Endowment For The Arts Is “Welfare For Rich Liberal Elites”

Carlson: “What Role Did The NEA Play In, Say, The Battle Of Fallujah?”

From the March 17 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Is it time for Big Bird to fly south? President Trump's new budget includes a proposal to eliminate $148 million in federal funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, the NEA, along with hundreds of millions more for other arts and entertainment programs, including PBS and NPR. The notion that artists wont get millions in taxpayer cash has some of them irate. Robin Bronk, CEO of the Creative Coalition, an advocacy group that promotes the arts and entertainment industry and opposes Trump's cuts, also an old friend of mine, she joins us now. Robin, good to see you tonight.

ROBIN BRONK: An old young friend of yours.

CARLSON: An old young friend of yours, but I disagreed with you on this for many years, and I continue to disagree with you on it now. So, the NEA is, in effect, welfare for rich liberal elites. That's who consumes the products that they produce. Why should, in a time of budget deficits, should taxpayers be subsidizing entertainment for rich people?


CARLSON: If it's such an investment, we should be spending a trillion dollars on it.

BRONK: I'm all for that.

CARLSON: But let me ask you this, you said it helped the arts. What role did the NEA play in, say, the battle of Fallujah?


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