Tucker Carlson: “A multiracial country can only survive if it self-consciously deemphasizes race”

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Citation From the June 15, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): If you really believed what the Democratic Party and BLM were telling you, that white males are intentionally destroying the world, you might be motivated to hurt someone. Why wouldn't you?

What's striking is how little attention Justin Tyran Roberts' shooting spree has received. Imagine if the colors were reversed here. Roberts would be leading every newscast tonight. Needless to say, he's not. In fact, this may be the last time you hear his name on television. And on one level, honestly, that is fine with us. Picking at the wound, America's wound, is unwise. We always thought that, we think it more now than ever. A multiracial country can only survive if it self-consciously deemphasizes race. 

If it treats every person as an individual, and not a member of some larger group that's guilty or innocent. So, that should be the goal, that's our history, and we ought to get back to it as soon as we can. But that is exactly the opposite of what our leaders are doing. 

They are working hard to divide us into warring camps, and they're using lies to do it. They're telling us a story that is completely and very much intentionally disconnected from reality. They are claiming that something called "white supremacy", and that's a term they never define, is the single greatest threat we face, a greater threat than Al Qaeda or ISIS.