Tucker Carlson mocks Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for wearing “silly little obedience masks”

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Citation From the March 31, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): We don't need internment cells here because unlike Canada, we have the vaccine and we're distributing it to tens of millions of people, and once you are vaccinated, you can live normally. That's the whole point of getting vaccinated. 

But then, you wonder if that's true, why are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris still wearing their silly little obedience masks everywhere they go? They've been vaccinated. So has everyone around them. 

So, why the masks? Why the restrictions? What exactly is going on here? We know it's not science, we know that for certain. According to the CDC, once you are vaccinated, of course, you don't need a mask anymore.