Tucker Carlson: Michelle Obama “Gets Away” With “Really Nasty And Divisive” Comments

Carlson Also Accuses Michelle Obama Of Fomenting “A Cult Of Personality”

From the December 16 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Here's my question, here's the obvious question. So Michelle Obama sees her husband elected and tells us she's proud of the country for the first time. now she sees his legacy repudiated, as it just was in November, and she says hope is gone. The message appears to be Barack Obama is the country and the country's fortunes rise and fall with his. This is a cult of personality she's describing, not a republic.


Two things, first this current first lady has gotten a pass for eight years. She's said a lot of really nasty and divisive and political things, and no one calls her on it, and that's frustrating to me in the press. But what's most frustrating is when she says as she said today, that her husband's a grownup, the suggestion is that Trump and his supporters are not. Isn't this exactly the attitude that lost Hillary Clinton the election? The idea that if you disagree with me you're not fully a citizen, an adult, a sentient being, I'm going to infantilize you, pat you on the head, tell you to go away? 


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