Tucker Carlson likens sexual assault survivors to an unruly mob complaining about demonic possession in The Crucible

From the September 25 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Tonight there are more allegations consistent in many ways with the allegations we have already heard. Leading Democrats are calling these new claims “powerful,” “compelling,” and “highly credible.” They are all but daring Republicans to question the new accusers. The victims, they say, must be believed. Here’s a selection of the charges.

Oh just kidding. That's a scene from The Crucible, which you will remember as the Arthur Miller play about the Salem witch trials.

Miller wrote The Crucible back in 1953, that was a time when liberals still cared about civil liberties and due process, and the right to face your accuser. Miller wrote it as an allegory about the McCarthy hearings.

The McCarthy hearings were a period the left deeply hated, until they took power and re-created it themselves. Nowadays, you wonder if progressives still read Miller's play, and if so, are they outraged by it? Maybe not.

It might seem completely reasonable to them. Mob accuses villager of witchcraft, villager denies it because witches always deny it, “Prove you're not a witch,” they scream. The witch can't, proving beyond a doubt that she is in fact a witch -- to the stake she goes.


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