Tucker Carlson launches unhinged attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar, calling her repulsive, loathsome, and claiming she “passionately hates the country”

Carlson: “Can a single human being actually be as loathsome as Ilhan Omar is? It’s hard to believe”

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Citation From the May 7, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): This isn't about Michael Flynn, it's about you. It's scary to think about that. Most people in Washington seemed determined not to think about it, they are intent on excusing all of this. Ilhan Omar was among the first to chime in on the news today, "white privilege at work," she tweeted.

Omar didn't explain what in the world make Flynn's case might have to do with his skin color, which he cannot control, but she denounced the decision as racist anyway. Surprised? You shouldn't be surprised.

Ilhan Omar is a person who clearly married her own brother in an immigration scam, who passionately hates the country that saved her, who reduces every conceivable issue to the most vicious kind of race-baiting. Can a single human being actually be as loathsome as Ilhan Omar is? It's hard to believe, she's like a parody of her repulsiveness. Sometimes you doubt she really exists, the RNC must have created her -- we can't confirm that, of course.