Tucker Carlson joins smear campaign attacking Obama portrait artist

Carlson incorrectly called the artist, Kehinde Wiley, a woman. (Carlson also claimed Wiley painted both Barack and Michelle Obama's portraits but later corrected that error.)

From the February 12 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): The portraits were painted by Kehinde Wiley, her previous paintings include racially fraught works of white people being decapitated, of course. Mark Steyn is an author and columnist and he joins us tonight. Mark, I don’t know if you’re familiar with her oeuvre but I ought to put some on the screen for our viewers who aren’t familiar with it. So here’s one of them, there’s the famous decapitation, the racially fraught decapitation portrait. Now I sort of wonder, you don’t have to be too creative if you flip this around that’s a pretty heavy duty thing. Well there’s another one. This is the person painting the Obamas’ portraits?


I should point out by the way that his portrait was painted by a different artist from the one who painted his wife's. He may have been a little less sensible than she.


Pro-Trump trolls launch a smear campaign against Obama portrait artist, Kehinde Wiley