Tucker Carlson: “It's a sign of mental illness” to recognize the patriarchy 

Carlson: “I took some women's studies” for “an easy grade and they're so dumb it's not hard as long as you hate yourself”

From the August 27 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): If I was taking her class, and I took some women's studies courses in college because I wanted an easy grade and they're so dumb it's not hard as long as you hate yourself.

JASON NICHOLS: That's absurd. Come to Maryland [University] and take one of those Women's Studies courses.

CARLSON: It's true, but let me be honest, if I stand up and I say, you know, I am a man and how dare you attack all men on a collective basis, how do you think I would do in her class? 


NICHOLS: What is the judgement that she's making? She saying that patriarchy exists --


NICHOLS: That women are oppressed by men, those things are true. 

CARLSON: But not all women are oppressed by men. That's a lie. And it's also a sign of mental illness to really believe that every woman is oppressed by every man, that's like, demented. You need help if you think that. 


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