Tucker Carlson: If Christine Blasey Ford's account of assault by Kavanaugh “is indeed a recovered memory, ... it's about as reliable as a dream”

Carlson: “Memory is a very tricky thing”

From the October 4 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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MELISSA FRANCIS (CO-HOST): There is so much focus on the Democrat's side on words. And I wonder if the average American has that much time to focus and everybody's words, or is it about outcome? When you're trying to feed your family, and pay your mortgage, and get to work, like, do you have time to decide whether the words are appropriate? Or are you like, gosh, do I have enough money to pay my bills?

TUCKER CARLSON: It's hard to for me to answer with a clear head because, when I see how gravely disappointed [Sen.] Ben Sasse is in this country, not simply in this president, but in the people who voted for him. Obviously makes me sad and gives me pause. I see that more in sorrow than anger, just like Ben Sasse does. I am mocking him.



CARLSON: If you think Christine Ford is sincere, which I do, it doesn't mean she's not an adult, which he clearly is. She's making an allegation of felony, so let's ask basic questions. And the first question is, when did you remember this? Nobody asked that question. 

She didn't tell a single person, by her own account, for 30 years about an event she says defined her entire life. She said she realized its significance during a psychotherapy session. Ask any shrink, the question is, is this a recovered memory or not? Doesn't mean she doesn't believe it. But it means, if it is indeed a recovered memory, and it's been studied at great length, it's about as reliable as a dream. So that's the question that everybody should have asked her day one, and nobody did. So the president's core point, we need to know more from her, is right. 

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): So, just to push back with what we heard in the hearing, though, from Dr. Ford, she said that -- and she talked a lot about technical and scientific jargon that I may not be able to retrieve, although she would say it's in my hippocampus. And that's where she said that some of these memories lay, and that they never went away from the moment of. So, would it actually be a recovery of memory -- I'm just wondering --

CARLSON: That's a totally fair question, and that is exactly the kind of question that I think we should have seen fleshed out a little bit in the hearing. Memory is a very tricky thing. A number of people, quite a few, went to prison in the 1980's on the basis of memories that turned out to be unreliable. Not insincere memories, sincere memories. The people recounting the believed them. It doesn't mean that they were factually accurate.


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