Tucker Carlson is a hero on these white supremacist podcasts

Melissa Joskow / Media Matters

According to a review by Media Matters, white supremacist podcasts revere Tucker Carlson and his nightly Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight.

White supremacist podcasts praise the Fox host for elevating white supremacist discourse into mainstream conservative media, talking about demographic change in America, and for his position on the Syrian civil war. Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke described Carlson as his “favorite commentator” and praised him for “naming the Jews” on his nightly show. White supremacist Mike “Enoch” Peinovich bragged that the “alt-right” is “putting things into the zeitgeist” that Carlson has “picked up.” Daily Stormer writer Eric Striker lauded Carlson for offering “real analysis [and] real solutions” for white nationalists and that “he single handed has risen right-wing discourse by mountains.” Duke associate Patrick Slattery said “on a lot of things, [Carlson]’s our only voice to a large extent.”

Many of the podcasts included in this review can be found on the white supremacist blog The Right Stuff (TRS), which currently aggregates 16 programs that feature vile anti-semitic, racist, and misogynistic content. TRS was founded by Peinovich, one of the white supremacists who helped organize the August 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA, where counter-protester Heather Heyer was killed after a white supremacist charged a car into the crowd. In September, TRS had 1.02 million site visits.

Two of the most popular podcasts are The Daily Shoah -- a hateful wordplay on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and the Hebrew word “Shoah,” meaning Holocaust -- and Fash the Nation, a fascist variation of CBS’s flagship Sunday news program Face the Nation. According to Newsweek, notorious neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer wrote that “Tens of thousands—maybe even hundreds of thousands—of men have been brought into the [alt-right] movement through TRS and Mike’s work.” The Daily Shoah and Fash the Nation, as well as other podcasts published to TRS, have repeatedly praised Carlson as an ally of the “alt-right” who advocates for the interests of white people in America.

While many who appear on these shows use aliases to avoid real world consequences for their online hate, the identities of The Daily Shoah hosts are openly known: Peinovich, Jesse Craig Dunstan AKA “Sven”, and Alex McNabb.

Also including in this review are shows promoted by Duke and his associate Slattery, who runs a collection of websites pushing hateful content, including one called “Zio-Watch” that aggregates stories about Jews and Israel. These shows do not appear on TRS.

The Daily Shoah

Fash the Nation

Exodus Americanus

Third Rail

The David Duke Program

National Bugle Radio

The Daily Shoah

Host Jesse “Sven” Dunstan: Carlson “basically does a ‘blood and soil’ but without the ‘blood,’ if you catch my drift.” While discussing a Politicon debate between Carlson and The Young Turks’ Cenk Uyguyr, Dunstan said during an episode aired on October 22 that it’s “understandable that Tucker can’t just be like, ‘Well yeah, Sieg Heil,’” but that he had hinted his sympathies to extremism by bringing up the narrative of demographic displacement of white people. Co-host Alex McNabb agreed, saying Carlson was “doing civic Nazism.” [10/22/18]

On the same episode, Dunstan called Carlson “the new NazBol Republican.” “Nazbol” refers to National Bolshevism, a far-right fascist movement with Russian origins associated with Nazism. According to Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, Carlson “went “full Eric Striker” while discussing how Google is a threat to Americans’ privacy during the debate (Erik Striker is a frequent contributor to neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer.) Host Alex McNabb later suggested a presidential ticket of “Tucker Carlson- Eric Striker 2020.” McNabb had also gushed over Carlson saying, “my man crush on Tucker is just like, increasing.”

Dunstan described Carlson’s appearance at Politicon as “quite good” because he’s “personable and likeable … non-threatening, unassuming, he’s just a really good personality out there.” He added that Carlson “does a really good job” debating Uygur. 

Peinovich also said: “We’ve been watching Tucker all year, the last year and a half” and his coverage of “big corporate, for lack of a better term.” [10/22/18]

Peinovich bragged about white supremacist reach, saying: “We are putting things into the zeitgeist” that Carlson has “picked up.” While discussing a meme, The Daily Shoah hosts credited Carlson with elevating fascist discussion into mainstream conservative media. The image depicts two sides tugging at a rope, with a libertarian and a fascist on one side against “Monopoly man and a communist” on the opposite. Guest host “Jo” said that the “pipeline” between the “alt-right” and mainstream conservatism “runs both ways,” and that extremist ideas “sure seem” to “percolate from us to them.” Discussing the same meme, host Jesse “Sven” Dunstan praised Carlson’s coverage of private companies “censorship,” saying “You’ve got Tucker and the president saying it.” [9/12/18]

The hosts then called this Media Matters video showing how Carlson’s rhetoric echoes that of “alt-right” figures “another great ad for Tucker.” After playing the video in their podcast, the hosts called it “a great ad for everybody in it” and speculated whether there is “some rogue agent” working at Media Matters making Carlson look good. They pointed out the fact that before “there wasn’t a guy like Tucker on mainstream cable news, nightly, making these points.” Dunstan added that anti-racists are “so close to the point where you can’t say these things without losing everything, they’re right there, but there’s Tucker and there’s the president” expressing white nationalist views on mainstream platforms, helping to make extremism acceptable. [9/12/18]

Host celebrated Carlson’s return to TV after being off air for three days: “Thank God” After Carlson was off air for three days following his speculation that a Syrian gas attack was a “false flag”, Dunstan said “thank God” that “the war against lying, pomposity, smugness and group think continues,” a reference to Carlson’s nightly sign off. He also added that Carlson’s coverage of the Syrian attack had been “pretty good.” Guest host and notorious neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin speculated that Carlson had “been in a Mossad torture room” while he was gone. [4/23/18]

Hosts deemed Carlson as “too red-pilled” for Fox and credited him with moving the “Overton window” after fearmongering about demographic change in Hazleton, PA. Hosts Dunstan and Peinvovich praised Carlson for being “too red-pilled” -- meaning accepting the racist, conspiracy laiden views of the “alt-right” -- after his monologue on demographic changes in a Pennsylvania town, where he claimed immigrants from Latin America had made the town “volatile.” Host Alex McNabb said Carlson “is going to be Fox’s new president”, and Peinvovich expressed hope for the “alt-right” because “the Overton window” (or the range of ideas that are deemed acceptable discourse), according to him, “has moved.” [4/18/18]

Fash the Nation

Host: Carlson is “talking the way that we’ve used for a long time” and it’s “really exciting to have on like, mainstream news, to hear our talking points.” While discussing a Fox News segment featuring Max Boot, white supremacist Jesse Dunstan -- guest hosting Fash the Nation -- said it’s “really exciting” to “hear our talking points” on “mainstream news”, who is “talking the way that we’ve used for a long time.” Dunstan added that the “entire interview basically sounded like it was an old episode of The Daily Shoah” and that “one of the things that” he really liked was a “dog whistle” by Carlson, implying that he was signaling to his “Nazi viewers” that Boot’s ideology comes from being a “kike” whose views represent a global Jewish conspiracy.

During the same episode, Dunstan described Carlson’s performance while interviewing Boot about the Syrian gas attacks as “Tucker Carlson BTFO’d” (or blown the fuck out of) the “Jewish neocon media.” And commenting on the fact that then-Fox analyst and guest Ralph Peters had compared Carlson to Nazi sympathizer Charles Lindbergh, Dunstan celebrated Carlson’s reaction, saying: “Tucker loses it there, he said, “Did you just call me a Nazi sympathizer?” I mean, granted, I know, it’s like, ‘Yeah, cool.’” [7/15/17]

Exodus Americanus

Host “Walrus” said “Tucker Carlson is a proxy for us … Any attack on Tucker Carlson you ought to see as a personal attack.” The show’s host -- who goes by Walrus -- started his tirade calling Carlson “a better man than I am,” adding that, “attacking Tucker, attempting to delegitimize him, attempting to ultimately deplatform him, which is what they want to do is an attack on us.” He also said that criticism of Tucker should be seen “as a personal insult.” [11/12/18]

According to Walrus, after CNN Crossfire got cancelled, Carlson became “a very different guy” who “seems to know a lot more than he’s letting on.” Walrus wondered, “Who did he read and who did he talk to?” in his airtime hiatus between leaving CNN and starting Tucker Carlson Tonight. According to Walrus, whoever influenced Carlson are “people that we need to know of.” Host “Roscoe” added, “Tucker sure is doing his job,” claiming he was “the most trusted name in fucking news these days.” [11/12/18]

Before going into a pro-Carlson tirade, the guest host endorsed Carlson’s show by saying, “If you’re good white men, you’re probably watching Tucker like I do.” Host “Roscoe” added that “Having a voice like Tucker out there” helps reach “people that haven’t” started listening to white supremacist podcasts. The guest host who goes by the alias “Southern Dingo” also called Carlson “the dad whisperer, because like, he single-handedly has succeeded where I have failed in making my dad see things in a different way.” [11/4/18]

Exodus Americanus devoted an entire episode to review Carlson’s book, Ship of Fools. Host Walrus called it “a really, really good read,” while guest host “Jim” claimed that “the overarching theme of” the book “without saying it is basically what the Jews are up to.” Walrus endorsed the book as a ““good introduction” to a “school of thinking” that “a lot of normies haven’t ever maybe had any experience with.” (“Normies” is a pejorative name for people deemed conventional, and therefore unfamiliar with the “alt-right.”) The hosts continued discussing the book, praising Carlson for allegedly laying out the dangers of “Jewish power” and “tribe-adjacent” people. [10/19/18]

The hosts claimed Ship of Fools is “Tucker at his best” because “he’s not constrained by Fox News.” Host Walrus also said that “he really, really pushed even his own envelope for what is OK to say within the mainstream Overton window, specifically in that ‘diversity diversion’ chapter.” Walrus claimed it was “edgy, even for Tucker” because he was “breaking down ‘diversity is our greatest strength’ and refuting that line of logic.” [10/19/18]

Hosts opened the May 28, 2017, show with a six-minute clip from Carlson’s show. Carlson did a segment outraged over Evergreen State College’s “Day of Absence.” The Exodus Americanus host greeted audiences by saying, “I know you weren’t expected to get “Tucked-in” first thing, but wow.” [5/28/17]

The host celebrated Carlson’s demagoguery on a rape case in which the undocumented immigrants accused were eventually cleared. Discussing Carlson’s interview of a lawyer who defended an undocumented immigrant against a rape allegation in Rockville, MD -- a case in which charges were later dropped after evidence failed to support the allegations -- host Wooderson said Carlson’s “unfair question” was “beautiful” because it forced his guest to “own the fact that immigration is destroying America.” [3/28/17]

Third Rail

Host praised Carlson for finding “a killshot” argument to libertarian views about “censorship.” Host Ed “Borzoi” Chang praised Carlson because the mainstream media is “always mad at him” for his “killshot” argument against “tech censorship.” He then read Carlson’s criticism of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s labor practices. The co-host known as “Lauritz von Terfhausen” said he was “absolutely right” and claimed that it disproved the “myth of the super-Mexican” that immigrants could survive on little money while working a lot because “these people are subsidized.” [9/1/18]

The David Duke Program

David Duke, former leader of the Klu Klux Klan said, “I love Tucker, I love a lot of the things he says.” Duke, however, took issue with Carlson adding “a disclaimer that race has nothing to do with any of this.” [9/18/18]

Duke: “My God, here’s Tucker Carlson naming the Jews” in his coverage of Harvey Weinstein. In an episode titled “Tucker Carlson Exposes the Jewish Media Coverup of Harvey Weinstein,” Duke praised Carlson’s monologue about “the protection of Harvey Weinstein” by NBC’s Andrew Lack and Noah Oppenheim because they’re Jewish. His guest Patrick Slattery adds that Carlson “does a good job” but that “he doesn’t feel that he can call [Jews] out but we can and so all I have to say to Tucker Carlson is ‘you’re welcome.’ [9/5/18]

Duke declared that Carlson is one of “the voices we have in the media on our side.” In an episode titled “Hero Tucker Carlson Lambasted for Exposing White Ethnic Cleansing”, Duke praised Carlson as one of “the voices we have in the media on our side” after his coverage of demographic change in Hazleton, PA. Duke also said Carlson deserves “kudos” because “Jews are now calling out Tucker Carlson … for his segment criticizing changing demographics in America.” Duke characterized the segment as “Tucker Carlson’s edging closer and closer to calling a spade a spade,” meaning Carlson was coming closer to hinting at the idea that white people are being oppressed.” Duke’s guest, The Daily Stormer’s Eric Striker, said that “The Zionist occupation is winning a lot of various political and propaganda victories as of late” and that “what they have left is the number one cable news show on television, Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Eric Striker said the “anti-white” forces are “gaining momentum” but at the same time, getting “desperate, they’re going after Tucker next” because Carlson “talks about issues … doing something the system doesn’t want.”

Striker went on to claim that Carlson was a “political dissident.” Then Duke recapped what the Hazelton, PA, segment covered and characterized Carlson’s racist rant on demographics as “pretty amazing stuff.” Duke said Carlson’s monologue was “not a direct statement of the truth” about white people “being ethnically cleansed in our own country” because if he did state it “he’d be gone in a fortnight.” [3/22/18]

Duke called Carlson “one of my favorite commentators,” saying “he does a lot of good things.” [11/14/17]

National Bugle Radio

Host: White supremacist issues “are infiltrating the mainstream media, sometimes through Tucker Carlson or other Fox News personalities.” Patrick Slattery -- founder of “Zio-Watch.com” and virulent racist and anti-semite -- praised Carlson’s coverage of Georgetown professor Christine Fair’s Twitter comments about white men as evidence that “alt-right” priorities are being covered on mainstream media using their extremist framework. The episode featured white supremacist Richard Spencer. Slattery also noted that Carlson’s use of the term “racial spoils system” has been used by fellow extremist “Don Advo from Stormfront Radio” and claimed that the overlap between the two is “interesting.” [10/19/18]

Spencer added that Carlson is “playing a game” where he will “often take up something that is of great interest to the ‘alt-right.’” Spencer mentioned that Carlson will “look into demographic change” or “the caravan” and “question whether diversity really is our greatest strength.” As he pointed out, these are all issues that are white supremacist flash points that Carlson covers on his nightly show. Spencer added, “I like Tucker, he’s certainly more intelligent than his contemporaries, more interesting than his contemporaries with maybe the exception of Ann Coulter.” Spencer said, “I think most people in the ‘alt-right’ are Tucker fans,” because they believe that Carlson is “moving people forward or he’s red-pilling them.” [10/19/18]

Slattery claimed Carlson “has done a really good job” and “he’s our only voice.” Slattery said, “Tucker has done a really good job over the past months” and “on a lot of things, he’s our only voice to a large extent.” [4/12/18]