Tucker Carlson has a meltdown after black guest points out Tucker doesn't understand what it's like to be black

Carlson: “You're wearing thousand dollar cufflinks, don't give me the victim card”

From the September 26 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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SCOTT BOLDEN: I've been brutalized by the police. I've been offended by the police.

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): You're wearing thousand dollar cufflinks, don't give me the victim card.

BOLDEN: Doesn't matter. Race is the tie that binds us, economics may separate us but the police have wrongfully stopped me. They've spread me out in front of my Georgetown home.

CARLSON: I actually believe you but you're diverting from --

BOLDEN: But they haven't to you, they haven't to you. So you can't relate to it.

CARLSON: So I can't relate to it, OK. So because I'm white you're saying I have no voice in this conversation.

BOLDEN: You do.

CARLSON: You are fundamentally unreasonable and the position you are taking is an inherently racist one.

BOLDEN: We fundamentally disagree.

CARLSON: Because you are dismissing the position of someone on the basis of his skin color and that is outside the bounds.

BOLDEN: No, I'm dismissing it because of your experience or lack there of.

CARLSON: You know nothing about my experience.

BOLDEN: Have the police ever brutalized you? Wrongfully stopped you? Spread you on the ground?

CARLSON: Spare me, mister million dollar lawyer, this talk.


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