Tucker Carlson guest suggests banning foreign films from the Oscars

Michael Loftus: “Let’s bring the Oscars back home, that’s not racist that’s pro-America”

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Citation From the February 21, 2020 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight: 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): If you've concluded that Gone With The Wind is racist what you're really saying is like anything that happened before last year in America is immoral, and we want to remake the place completely, that's what they're saying I think. 

MICHAEL LOFTUS:  Yeah it is. That's the end-stage if Trump Derangement Syndrome, it's literally anything Trump mentions is racist. At this point, blinking will be racist, smiling, using hand gestures is somehow racist. It's horrible. Gone With the Wind is a great piece of American cinema and the most successful film of all time. I got no problem with an American movie winning best picture, I loved Parasite, but that's foreign-language film. Let's bring the Oscars back home, that's not racist that's pro-America.