Tucker Carlson guest says reverse racism has led to “a cold war on the grounds of race” in the education system

Heather Mac Donald: “Parents have to start pulling their kids out of schools”

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Citation From the November 7, 2019 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Only about half of students in the state of California meet English standards. Even fewer than that can do math. Before California's leaders lost their minds, they would've been concerned about this. That's a sign their schools are failing. They no longer care.

California has just changed what it teaches. It doesn't bother with long division anymore, education is no longer the point. It is about indoctrination. We know that because the state has laid it out there.

The state is planning to roll out a new ethnic studies requirement for students. You can imagine what those classes will be like, but again, you don't have to imagine. We already know.

A model curriculum for the program reads like a handbook from Vox.com's H.R. department, the definition of hell.


HEATHER MAC DONALD:  They're obviously more concerned with a phony narrative about America. This is about, as they say in ethnic studies, "de-centering whiteness" Now, let's translate that. What does that mean?

It means that every white person by virtue of being white is an oppressor. So, a laid-off Kentucky coal miner has more power and privilege than Barack Obama or Eric Holder because he's white. All white people are --

CARLSON: But isn't that -- isn't that racist?

MAC DONALD: It is the very definition of racism, Tucker. This is a cold war on the grounds of race, and I think we are at an emergency level now, because this is poison being poured into the body politic.

It's going to end every single meritocratic standard. Parents have to start pulling their kids out of school. We cannot give them the cannon fodder for this type of racial division any longer. Homeschool, I would hope that these donors that are pouring multimillion dollars into over-endowed colleges, I was just at Yale, which is just the height of privilege, would instead start creating schools that respect knowledge, that respect our tradition, that are factually based.

Any educator who purports to claim that the West and America are the source of the world's oppression should on that ground alone be fired, because that is proof of complete ignorance, historical ignorance.