Tucker Carlson guest: “If white privilege explained everything, please tell me how 7 out of 8 of the recent national spelling bee champions were Indian-Americans”

Heather Mac Donald: “The public has to stand up and fight against this myth of bias” 

From the June 6 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): I know we're not supposed to say this cause we're supposed to pretend this is totally fine, but why is this different from Jim Crow exactly? 

HEATHER MAC DONALD (AUTHOR): Because we're supposed to believe that whites are the source of all evil in society. And the discrimination against whites is compatible with the Constitutional ban on all discrimination. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has, basically, embraced that in allowing racial discrimination in college admissions in the name of diversity. What's going on that's slightly different in New York City right now, is the diversity rationale for racial discrimination -- which now seems almost quaint in its sort of white-bred nature -- is being replaced by something far more vicious and far more hating, which is the idea of toxic white culture. And this is a test. If Carranza and DeBlasio get away with this, it shows that the ideology of hatred and racial division that is now absolutely pervasive in our higher education system is entrenching itself throughout the rest of society. That will lead to, I fear, a state of very, very dangerous racial tension in our society. 

CARLSON: I don't understand how decent people can allow this to happen. I really don't. I neab, I think all throughout the New York City school system there are decent people, I know some of them, and there's certainly a lot of decent people who live in the city and whose kids go to the schools. How can they sit back and allow children, little kids, to be attacked on the basis of their skin color? How can they allow that?

MAC DONALD: People are cowed by the charge of racism. Obviously. I mean, Richard Carranza in demoting three white women and justifying what he's doing in his racial crusade within the hierarchy of schools said 75% of school students are Black and Hispanic. Now that they have senior administrators who look like them, what's wrong with that? Let's just acknowledge the lunacy of this. No student knows who's buried deep in the bowels of the Department of Education that knows the color of senior administration. The desperation to justify, to explain away Black academic achievement gap is so great that we're now claiming that some bureaucrat in the bowels is going to make a difference to whether black kids succeed. The public has to stand up and fight against this myth of bias and say that there are behavioral differences that explain outcomes. If white privilege explained everything, please tell me how seven out of the eight of the recent national spelling bee example champions were Indian Americans. If skin color were the scourge of people of color, they would not be able to succeed. In fact, why do they succeed, Tucker? Because they studied their butts off and that's what the inner city kids have to start doing. 


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