Tucker Carlson guest Joe diGenova: The Democrats sound like the “cries of an injured child, not unlike those of Ms. Ford”

From the October 4 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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JOE DIGENOVA: I think what the Democrats are engaged in is something that we call “the big lie” and what they've done is they have associated themselves with anarchy and they are now in full revolt against the Constitution of the United States, the union and the rule of law. What you are hearing are the cries of an injured child, not unlike those of Ms. Ford when she testified before the committee as an injured adolescent. The Democratic Party is in full retreat from good government, the rule of law and sanity. These people are crazed, seeking power and there they are, calling into question the integrity of the FBI who didn't want anything to do with this, and were asked to do it by Senator Coons and Senator Flake. Good lord, they are appalling. 


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