Tucker Carlson guest: “The creation of America was probably the greatest gift given to Black people in 3,000 years” 

From the July 12 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight: 

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DAVID HOROWITZ (GUEST): And you know, I'm thinking of this ignorant attack by Colin Kaepernick and Nike on the Betsy Ross flag, which has --really goes with the creation of America. The creation of America was probably the greatest gift given to Black people in 3,000 years because slavery was considered a normal institution for all those years. Unfortunately, the people who hate America on the left, and this embraces so much of the Democratic Party these days, have conducted a 50-year, 60-year attack on Christianity in this country. They've driven prayer and religion out of the schools. You can't teach a public schoolchild that the pilgrims were Christians fleeing persecution. So Americans no longer know where their freedoms come from, and that's why -- well, the Democratic Party now is, you know, in a full scale march to eliminate a lot of the institutions that were there from the beginning -- like the Electoral College, they want to do away with the Senate, and so forth. That's because they don't understand where our freedoms come from or what their nature is. 


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