Tucker Carlson fuels wild conspiracy theory that Jesus Campos, victim of Mandalay Bay shooting, was an accomplice to Las Vegas shooter

Carlson: “Stephen Paddock may have had an accomplice in these killings ... Had he ever have previous contact with Stephen Paddock? How exactly was Campos injured?”

From the October 25 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): We received this document from a confidential source this afternoon. It's a Customs and Border Patrol form, and it shows that Jesus Campos entered the United States from Mexico at the San Ysidro border crossing in San Diego County almost exactly, to the hour, one week after the Las Vegas shooting at the beginning of October. Now the document does not reveal how long Campos had been in Mexico. Our source told us that Campos entered the U.S. at the same crossing in January of this year. At that time he was driving his own vehicle with Nevada plates. And yet, in this document from a little over two weeks ago, Campos was driving what appears to be a rental car with California plates.

This information raises a number of questions about the Las Vegas investigation and the crime itself. Jesus Campos is the only eyewitness to the biggest mass shooting in modern American history. At the time he was in Mexico, the press was reporting that investigators thought Paddock, Stephen Paddock may have had an accomplice in these killings. Why did authorities allow Campos to leave the country just days after the shooting, while the investigation was still chaotic and of course ongoing? How did Campos who reportedly had a gunshot wound to the leg, from a high-powered rifle round, manage to travel to Mexico? Did he fly? Did he drive? Was his employer aware that he left the country? Were investigators aware? Did they facilitate the trip? What day did Campos get to Mexico?  How was he able to drive back for hundreds of miles from the San Diego border back to Las Vegas? Why did he take a rental car instead of his own car?

The union that represents Campos told us they were aware he left the country, and they claim it was a pre-planned visit. Why did it take a government leak for the rest of us to find that out? Why is MGM been so intent on controlling availability to Campos, booking him on the Ellen Degeneres show, and shielding him from press inquiries? Why did he appear with a co-worker instead of solo? Why did Ellen only ask leading softball questions? Why have so many people gone to so much trouble to shape this story of Jesus Campos? 

ABC spoke to Campos on October 4 -- Was he in Mexico when they talked to him? Did they know where he was when they talked to him? What do we actually know about Jesus Campos? For example, is he really a licensed security guard? We checked today and it turns out he's not registered with the state of Nevada's private investigator's licensing board. Confused by this, we called the Clarke County Sheriff to find out what license is required to be a security guard at a Las Vegas casino. The sheriff's office refused to tell us this. “Jesus Campos is a victim,” the spokesman said, “We don't speak about victims.” Naturally we repeated the question. He became angry and started yelling and ultimately hung up on us, which raises the question, we won't authorities answer basic questions about Jesus campos? And here's a few more.

Does Jesus Campos have a criminal record? Not attacking him. It's an honest and obvious question. What exactly did he do for the hotel? Had he ever have previous contact with Stephen Paddock? How exactly was Campos injured? Countless press reports claim she was shot in the leg from a rifle round, from an AR-15-style rifle, probably a NATO 5.56 round. That bullet travels at three times the speed of a handgun round. It could easily destroy a man's leg and often does. Given that, how could Campos possibly have driven 700 miles from Las Vegas to the Mexican border and back less than a week later? 


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