Tucker Carlson floats conspiracy theory that QAnon was “created by the feds”

Carlson: “I have no freaking idea what QAnon is”

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Citation From the July 12, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Today

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Let me just interject and say, I have no freaking idea what QAnon is, I've never known, I’m just joking. But you’re telling a –  but you're reciting a factual litany as far as I can tell.

ALEX STEIN (GUEST): Of course, and QAnon is stupid, that’s another thing they make people that are looking into the official story, see, I consider myself – I have another show called The Conspiracy Castle, and the term conspiracy theorist was created after the JFK assassination to demonize people looking into the official story.


STEIN: That term has been demonized, and the people on the left, they go, oh it’s a conspiracy, and they say QAnon – QAnon is stupid. JFK Jr. is not coming back. But some parts of it, the fact that there are children that have been sex trafficked by the border, by people that are in high, powerful positions, that is true. I mean, Prince Andrew, this is the Queen's son, has paid out settlements for abusing children and they're silent. So listen, this isn't a QAnon rally. This isn't the whole world isn't all one big conspiracies. But there's things right in front of our face, and that's what I try to do with my content.

CARLSON: But the origin of the term conspiracy theorist is the aftermath of that assassination?

STEIN: 100 percent, yeah that’s a fact, Tucker. Yeah, the term conspiracy theorist is demonized.

CARLSON: It’s awfully effective, isn’t it.

STEIN: It actually really is, that’s why I try to lean into it, because, listen, like you said, oh QANon – QAnon is stupid and so that’s how they demonize us, they create some other target to make us not see what’s actually happening.

CARLSON: What are the chances QAnon was created by the feds?

STEIN: Of course, 1000 percent, duh. I mean, it’s obviously some sort of controlled opposition. And a lot of this stuff is, because these people are so powerful. That’s the thing, is it, when you talk about conspiracies, we have a world of social engineers that can control the narrative. And that's why, on the mainstream media, that’s why you're so successful, that’s why you’re the number one host, because you don't bow down to the people that are trying to control you. To the Big Pharma, to these multinational corporations.