Tucker Carlson fearmongers about ID cards given to immigrants: “Foreign citizens will be electing our political leaders”

Carlson: Democrats “are the party of foreign voters now, many of them illegal”

From the February 28 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): America is supposed to be run by Americans, that's the point of it. But politicians in Chicago are pushing to subvert that. If you are looking for a foreign influence scandal, and everyone in here in D.C. is looking for one, you got it, because it's happening in Chicago right now. Foreign citizens will be electing our political leaders.


They are the party of foreign voters now, many of them illegal. Democrats argued from the House floor that immigration law, the laws they passed by their body, the law-making body, those laws should be ignored or nullified.

Anyone who disagrees is shouted down with slurs. It happens on this show all the time. Kansas, for example, has a law requiring proof of citizenship for voter registration. Who wouldn't support that? Non-citizens are not allowed to vote for federal office. Period, it's a federal law. Well, the ACLU is suing. Think they will sue the Mayor of Oakland for siding with MS-13 over American citizens? Don't hold your breath.


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