Tucker Carlson: “Every able-bodied man with a black rifle assemble at the border, and we're just gonna stop this and save the country”

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Citation From the December 7, 2023, edition of Tucker on X, posted to X

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So, I don't understand. So, you're from Texas, you grew up in Texas, your family's been there a long time. Texas is changing really fast. It's dirty, for one thing, I noticed, because -- physically dirty, garbage on the side of the road. I never have seen that in Texas before. So, your governor could've stopped that -- he commands the Texas National Guard -- and he didn't. And I feel like that makes him a traitor to the country, but what am I missing?

ALEX JONES (GUEST): Well, I mean, Governor Abbott is on a scale of 1 to 10 -- you know, the best kind of Republican governor is a 10 and the worst is, say, a one. And, like, Illinois is so-called Republican but it's really a Democrat -- I would put Greg Abbott as about a five. The -- the state is overwhelmed. There isn't really a state mechanism, it's federal, to kick people back and deport them. So, they have put up barbed wire. They have tried to stop people. They have tried. But then they have to hand them over to the feds who release them.

CARLSON: But why not just say the feds are committing a crime. They're committing a crime. This is not allowed under laws passed by the Congress. In a democracy, Congress passes laws. And, so you've got criminals running the country. The Biden administration is criminal, which is true, and we're not -- we're not playing along. And, like, if you don't like it, come do something about it. Meanwhile, every able-bodied man with a black rifle assemble at the border, and we're just gonna stop this and save the country. I don't understand. Like, that's not hard. What am I missing?

JONES: No, I think you're absolutely right. In fact, what the deep state fears would be a coalition of good governors, good attorney generals giving them the findings and the rulings that they could indeed do that. And then declaring emergencies in the states and having a coalition of the states come in and do this, and then instruct local police and everybody else to not have sanctuary cities. But the problem is if you're in Texas, every single city -- Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth are Democrat Party-run. And so Texas is almost purple because the California influx and all the other refugees from New York, many of them bring their leftist ideology with them even though they're fleeing it. Like locusts, they fly to the next field. And so, that's really the issue, is that the legislature is somewhat cucked, to use that word again, and I think the governor has been cucked. He certainly went along with lockdowns and masks more than really any other Republican governor. And so, I do think Greg Abbott needs to do a better job.