Tucker Carlson: Europeans coming to America led to “freedom and happiness” and “far less human sacrifice and cannibalism”

Carlson calls Alaska's bill changing Columbus Day to “Indigenous People's Day” an “attack on civilization”

From the June 26 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Christopher Columbus has been ceremonially deported from the state of Alaska. Under a new bill signed by the Alaska governor Bill Walker. Columbus Day will henceforth be known as “Indigenous People's Day.”

Alaska joins California, Tennessee, and South Dakota in refusing to commemorate the discovery of the New World by Europeans. Why? Well it's an apology of sorts, obviously. The message is “it would have been better if Europeans had never come here at all.”

Well, that's not just absurd, it's literally an attack on civilization. Things are, in fact, better on this continent than they were 700 years ago in case democracy and penicillin and the internal combustion engine didn't make that obvious.

The upstart nations of the new world, in particular this country, the U.S., played a key role in creating a better and freer world, while helping to liberate the old world from despotism, fascism and communism.

There's more human freedom and happiness, far less human sacrifice and cannibalism. That's all an achievement, we ought to celebrate it, not mourn it, obviously.


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