Tucker Carlson Dismisses March For Science’s Inclusion Of Women Scientists Of Color

Carlson: March Organizers "Are Really Saying ... They Hate White Men More Than They Hate Global Warming”

From the April 3 edition of Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Capri. What's most outrageous thing that happened today?

CAPRI CAFARO (OHIO STATE SENATOR): Well, let me ask you, Tucker. Do you like Bill Nye the Science Guy?

CARLSON: I know Bill Nye the Science Guy.

CAFARO: But do you like him? You may, you may not, it’s OK. But here’s the thing. What people don't realize is that there's going to be this march on science, much like the march for women …

CARLSON: The march on science …

CAFARO: The March for Science …

CARLSON: For science.

CAFARO: For science, and of course, who do you want to lead the March for Science than Bill Nye the Science Guy, right?

CARLSON: Who’s not actually a scientist, but yeah, OK, that’s fine.

CAFARO: Part of it is the rub is that Bill Nye is actually an engineer; he's not really a science guy. But apparently the folks that are organizing this march got in a little bit of a kerfuffle because they were very concerned that they were projecting this image of stereotypes that only scientists -- the only scientists that are out there are white guys. So what did they do? They decided that they were going to bring in two other women of color to flank the non-science Bill science (sic) the Science Guy. So the concern here, again, for me as a Democrat, is, look, we need to pick our battles, right? And instead of going crazy about what kind of image we are portraying, if you really care about really advancing the agenda of science, why don't you get some real scientists, bring them to Capitol Hill and testify instead of having a march? Come on.

CARLSON: So, people who don't believe in sonograms are lecturing me on science, for one thing. That’s a deal-killer. For another, if you’re going to have a March for Science, wouldn’t you put a real scientist at the head of it?

CAFARO: You’re right, exactly.

CARLSON: And not Bill Nye?

CAFARO: Shouldn’t that be the issue? But shouldn’t that be the thing that you’re concerned about, that you don’t have a real scientist to lead the science march? Like, find one of those dudes. 

CARLSON: So what they’re really saying is, they hate white men more than they hate global warming.


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