Tucker Carlson defends Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from the criticism over her beliefs in conspiracy theories

Carlson: “Free inquiry is dead. Unauthorized questions are hate speech”

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Citation From the February 1, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So, how dangerous -- just how dangerous is this three-named congresswoman you probably have never heard of? 

Well, so dangerous, that in the name of democracy, she must be expelled tonight from the Congress. That's what they're saying. No one is claiming voter fraud here. The member in question was elected just months ago with 75% of the vote. Now, that's roughly the same percentage of the vote that Nancy Pelosi got out in San Francisco. So, there is no question that her voters very much wanted her to represent them in Washington. 

On the other hand, what do her voters have to do with democracy? That's not how democracy works. In the new democracy, CNN gets the veto. If cable news doesn't like your views, you have to leave Congress. That's the rule.

The test is entirely ideological. You don't have to actually harm anyone to lose your job. This new member of congress has barely even voted. She just got there the other day. 

But CNN says she has bad opinions. Therefore, she's the greatest threat we face. Now, if you're skeptical about any of this, our advice is keep it to yourself, because free inquiry is dead. Unauthorized questions are hate speech.

Anyone who suggests that this one member of Congress is not really America's greatest enemy is by definition one of America's greatest enemies.