Tucker Carlson cuts off interview with Rep. Tim Ryan during contentious interview about Trump deportations

Ryan (D-OH): “I have spent more time on the opiate epidemic in my career than you have ever”

From the January 30 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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REP. TIM RYAN (D-OH): You’re talking about this issue and so therefore this empty seat is already working because you’re talking about a man who has been in this country for 40 years, American wife, four American daughters, paid taxes, was the first businessperson to move into downtown Youngstown when no one else would to start a business and we’ve had a renaissance since then because of his investment. You think it’s a good idea with a case that has a lot of discrepancy to it for this man not to have a fair hearing of the facts of the case which all we asked for. You think it’s a good idea that he doesn’t even get a fair hearing and he gets ripped from our community? America is better than that, Tucker.


Hey Tucker, I have spent more time on the opiate epidemic in my career than you have ever.

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Not tonight, not tonight. And your priorities are very clear tonight.

RYAN: And a lot of other people that are going to be criticizing me. So I’m not taking a backseat to you or anybody else on the opiate epidemic. You tell your president and your party to fund the damn bills we put forth to make sure that these people can get treatment and recovery. If you’re so concerned –

CARLSON: Look I may agree -- let me just say, I may agree with you on some of that.

RYAN: No. If you’re so concerned with that –

CARLSON: No, I may agree with you but you’ve got a chance to send a symbolic message and you’re sending it

RYAN: Get your party to fund addiction treatment and recovery.

CARLSON: We know where your priorities are.

RYAN: We know where your priorities are, Tucker. Do something about it, use your bully –



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