Tucker Carlson: The cost justifies firing thousands of transgender service members

From the July 26 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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SEAN PATRICK MALONEY (D-NY): What is the reason for taking members of the military who are serving now, thousands of them, with distinction, without a problem, and kicking them out on this basis?  What would that reason be? 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Well, I mean the reason is articulated by the people who opposed this is that it’s expensive to pay for the physical transition, the medical transition from one sex to the other. And that that, paying that at a time when the military is scrambling for funds is a distraction from the core mission which is winning wars? So like the onus is on you, since the U.S. military has never had this policy in it’s history to show that paying for sex change operations is going to somehow make us more likely to beat, I don’t know, Al-Qaeda.


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