Tucker Carlson conspiracy theory: Democrats encouraging non-citizens to vote to win elections

Carlson: Democrats want “A brand new electorate from a different foreign country,” “what wouldn't Democrats do to win?”

From the March 7 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): If Texas goes blue, goes Democrat, it's over. Republicans cannot win a presidential election without Texas. America would then be one party state for a generation at least, and maybe longer given the modern left's growing intolerance for anything that resembles public dissent.

So, with the stakes so high -- and they are -- what wouldn't Democrats do to win? Why wouldn't they encourage non-citizens to vote? Of course, they're already doing that explicitly in other states. In Texas, it would make all the difference. Texas has the second-highest percentage of non-citizens in America after California. There are more than 3 million non-citizens in the state overall.

For perspective, Hillary Clinton lost Texas by only 800,000 votes, so you do the math. The temptation is there, it's overwhelming. So, what actually stops non-citizens from voting in Texas? Good question. Not much.


This is what foreign interference actually looks like an election. Democrats are openly pushing it. When they aren't making it easier for illegal immigrants to register to vote, they are fighting efforts to identify fraudulent voters. Then, they're demanding outright amnesty would make the whole scheme legal if it passed. Republicans are helping them with that, for some reason.

A brand new electorate from a different foreign country, that's what they want. Vladimir Putin was never that ambitious, by the way.


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