Tucker Carlson complains about the “moral blackmail” of student survivors speaking out about gun violence

Carlson complains that students may be in contact with gun violence groups, while hosting NRA figure Dan Bongino without disclosing it

From the February 20 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So, there is a huge controversy online that I am hesitant even to wade in on, but I think it needs to be addressed, and it's over the protests led by the students --


CARLSON: For whom all of us feel terrible, because you cannot imagine anything worse than your kids' school getting shot up. But all of the sudden you are seeing these kids involved in calls for very specific pieces of legislation. And the allegation has been that they are in some way in contact with organized anti-gun groups, and people who have suggested that have been denounced as immoral, and heartless, and “How how dare you question these kids or attack them?” Which, for the record, I am certainly not doing --


CARLSON: But I think it raises interesting questions about how we make our law.


CARLSON: They are using these kids in a kind of moral blackmail, where you are not allowed to disagree or you are attacking the child -- which is, of course -- I can speak for myself, the last thing that I would ever do as a father of four. You would never attack the kid. You can disagree with other people's opinions without attacking them, but the press is conflating that, and making it like you're not allowed to disagree, or you're a bad person.


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