Tucker Carlson claims the National Hockey League is promoting child sacrifice

Carlson: “Something is really wrong in the National Hockey League. Really wrong”

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Citation From the March 20, 2023, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So, something is really wrong in the National Hockey League. Really wrong. On Saturday, the San Jose Sharks, owned by venture capitalist Hasso Plattner, hosted a -- effectively a trans appreciation night. Players were told to wear jerseys signifying that they don't believe in biological reality. 

One of them does, the goalie, and he refused on religious grounds. Apparently in response to that, the San Jose Sharks' official Twitter account began posting true lunacy about gender. And we're not making this up, you should look it up. For example, and we're quoting, "Worldwide gender diversity is seen far differently than that in the Western World. The muxe gender is a respected third gender in Zapotec cultures in Oaxaca, Mexico that has existed for centuries." Ooh, thank you National Hockey League team. What the hell are they talking about?

Well, Greg Price of the State Freedom Caucus Network decided to Google it. And he found out that the Zapotecs who lived in southern Mexico were known for a lot more than three genders. Like almost every or every meso-American culture, human sacrifice was at the very center of their world. They put children to death as offerings to their gods. 

As Price put it, "The San Jose Sharks want us to take cultural advice from an ancient Mexican civilization that participated in child sacrifice." What the hell is going on in the NHL? And why are owners doing this? And how long will fans stick with it? They just want to watch hockey. Scary.