Tucker Carlson claims that the government recognizing the trans community would hurt women

Carlson: “It’s not an attack on anyone to start to worry that maybe women are about to be hurt”

From the October 23 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): There are literally dozens of government agencies that exist in part due to the long-standing presumption that men and women are biologically distinct, they are different. Now, the Trump administration, in the spirit of all of that, wants to define gender on a clear, scientific basis, but is running into headwinds politically, in trying to do that.


TAMMY BRUCE: I think that what we are looking at here, for the government -- especially as a gay woman -- if you're looking for the government -- and the reaction to this change has been remarkable -- to confirm your value, or your existence as a person, we are all in trouble, because the government is not the place to get that.

Right now, any kind of rule, I think, for the government's got to be something that helps us, administrative framework like Title IX, and recognize the difference between men and women --while transgendered individuals, of course, this doesn't erase them, it means that their relationships with themselves and with the medical community and how they identify is personal, and that they can work through the system within that framework.

CARLSON: Yeah, I mean, it's not an attack on anyone to start to worry that maybe women are about to be hurt in this.


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